CMS as a part of Information Management System

What is a CMS or Content management system? CMS is a system of putting up organization data which needs to be available to the users. CMS an integral part of the Information Management System in any organization. Usually the organizations run tow CMS – one is for Internet, which is for the public at large, and another on the Intranet for the use of its employees internally. Both the internet and the intranet versions may use the same CMS backbone or may employ different ones depending upon the requirements of the organization. Having decided to implement a CMS on the internet or the intranet, the management of the organization must now decide upon the CMS itself. There are again two options available. One is to go for a ready made solution and the other is to develop a CMS in-house. Usually as the organization is to a software development company in-house development is not recommended as maintenance of an in-house system is a not cost effective solution. The suggested option is go for a ready made CMS from a reputed company which regularly keeps on upgrading the CMS through constant development. While choosing a CMS to become an integral part of your Information Management System it is important to understand the needs of the organization, the features which are absolutely essential, and the features which are essential in a good CMS you should look have been stated below.

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The CMS must be able to serve dynamic content to the users and it should enable the administration to customize the structure of such serving which may include structured data as well as serving free form data like articles and all these without writing any code of program in a consistent user interface. The CMS must have separate templates for presentation of data and the content of data. These template systems should provide flexibility with out the use of any programming. Skinning must be possible. The CMS must have scope of integration of ecommerce in case it is being deployed on the internet.

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