Information Management Systems Security

All Information Management System are run by human beings. Unless the user changes his working habits it would be very difficult to manage the information the best of its utility. A good Information Management System forces the user to work as desired by the management and not as per his whims and fancies. Not all organizations have standardization of Information Management System processes and controls. To mitigate this situation the International Standards Organization has come out with a series of standards aimed at standardizing the Information Management System at work place. These standards are recommendatory in nature and attempt to standardize the Information Management System by ensuring compliances to the best practices or standards enshrined in these standards. Once these standards have been implemented across the organization the systems mangers can be atleast have good nights sleep as the systems are secure enough to prevent unauthorized access and security threats both external and internal. Even if the organization has not put in place an Information Management System which meets the international standards, it can always put in place a set of good business practices which allows the business.

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A proper filing systems needs to be implemented which should allow easy retrieval of any information as when required. The first step is to enforce a rule to mark every paper document with a file number so that it can be put in the proper place. The staff must be trained to use the filing system. Every employee must be made responsible to clear his desk every day from all paper clutter and must file all the paper in respective files as a matter of daily routine. By putting 15 minutes every day in information management the organization will benefit immensely in the long run. As proper information retrieval would be possible at all times and information will be available on demand.

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