Management of Corporate Contacts

Management of Corporate contacts is one of the essential subset of the Information Management System in any organization. Corporate contacts from a big chunk of information which is usually about the existing customers, prospective customers, vendors, contractors, suppliers, government officials, and other service providers. The corporate contacts are assimilated from many varied sources of information. The centralized Information Management System should ideally include a contact management system as one of its subset. The information with respect to each consist of the name, address, phone numbers, email ids, contact person’s name and his personal mobile numbers and any such other information which is easier for retrieval of the information when required. As there are hundreds and thousands of employees in large organization the contacts are usually generated by so many employees in great numbers. The only possible way is to have computerized system for contacts management. The contacts generated by a person can be of two types; private and shared. This not only helps to streamline contacts but also avoids duplication of information coming from various sources. The Information Management System is available to all the employees at different level. Each employee makes regular input into the contacts management system details of the contacts collected by them. Usually most of the contacts collected by a person are shared but some may be private also. The system does not allow duplicity of records.

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The main benefit of the Contacts management system is that the contacts data is not lost when an employee leaves the organization and the data is always available for use of the person who is on the seat. The best use of contacts management system by another subset of the corporate Information Management System, that is by the CRM or customer relations managements system being used by the organization. The data of the prospective customers fed by the various sources is used by the customer care or marketing team to enhance the sale of the organization. On the whole a corporate contacts management system increases the over all efficiency of the organization.

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