Managing Sales using Information Management System

What make a person a better sales manager; the information user or the benevolent one? The information user is usually more strict, disciplinarian and authoritative as whatever he does or speaks is based on the solid foundation of the Information Management System. On the other hand the benevolent and friendly sales manager has to practically plead to his team for extracting the required information. He becomes dependent on the team. While information driven sales manager is definitely good in the long run he may not be so popular amongst the sales team for his data driven to the point approach. At all times sales team have always preferred to have a friendly sales manager who understand their difficulties and suggest ways and means of overcoming them. A manager who relies on the Information Management System more than his team is likely to be shunned by his peers as sales is a personal interactive job where the sales team has to personally interact with customers, understand their needs and where they can guide the customers. However in the present system of ecommerce where you do not see the face of the customer, the Information Management System driven sales manager is likely to come out with flying colors.

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Ultimately it is the product of the company which becomes the deciding factor in the success or failure of the Information Management System driven Sales manager. However all sales managers do require the use of Information Management System at some point of time and the manager who uses the Information Management System to the best of his advantage emerges as a leader and a winner in the long run. A sales manager simply cannot remain aloof to the needs of the customers and where he uses the Information Management System in servicing the customer’s needs and queries. He who uses the Information Management System full and properly becomes the best Sales Manager.

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