Securing your Information Management System

Just like any other asset belonging to you information of your organizations is a valuable asset which requires security and protection. With the growth of technology as the availability of information has become easier, the theft of information has also become easy too. Information lost is business lost. A single instance of information theft, for example bid amount in a tender document, can leave the organization poorer by millions in terms of lost opportunity. Information leakage and business espionage has now reached new heights and every systems manager responsible for the security of Information Management System in an organization is on his toes to ensure the safeguard of the organizational Information Management System. Security threats from external sources can be restricted by appropriate controls at the entry points of the Information Management System and forcing some security measures on the external authorized users so that intruders and hackers do not gain access to the Information Management System of the organization. However, the internal threats have become more and more prominent these days. Just imagine a disgruntled employee having access to the computer systems of the Information Management System introducing a malicious code into the Information Management System which starts destroying the information stored on the Information Management System servers and computer systems. It will be a dooms day for the management if all information is lost. Maintenance of security controls systems within the organization is gaining importance day by day.

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Business managers are working more towards integration of internal security systems in the Information Management System. This involves restrictions on use of floppies, compact discs and pen drives inside the organization. Since all computers are networked, any transfer of file or data can be through the network. However, since all employees have an access to email, it is important that important electronic files are not being leaked out through the email system. It is important to monitor each and every outgoing email by a knowledgeable person who should be responsible enough to understand whether the information sent is for genuine purpose or an act of sabotage.

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